Girls Don't Drop


AD: Hanna Choi

CW: Riya Dosani

63% of schoolgirls in the U.K. drop out of sports when their friend does. Because of a lack of motivation, transportation, support. Nike #GirlsDontDrop is a membership program that rewards girls when they help other girls to play sports by carpooling together, playing sports together, & more.


2020 Clio Sports Bronze

2020 D&AD Wood Pencil

Join Nike Plus membership. set your radius, find requests,

and offer help by playing games with them training with them, carpooling with them, cheering for them, lending equipments to them and so much more...


Earn reward points in exchange for helping out a sista from anotha motha. Get unlimited points to buy limited edition Nike Plus products.  


To get you started, we teamed up with Bffs Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki and now it's your turn to show us who you got.


We created social stickers so you can add them on your social media posts.


Last but not least, Nike will offer scholarships to the top 3 GDD members with the most points to help them continue playing sports. Oh, the letter is signed by Serena Williams.


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